[wingide-users] Feature Request: Fix and Continue

Pete pfein at pobox.com
Tue Mar 27 20:15:15 MDT 2007

On Tuesday March 27 2007 8:07 pm, Karl Goiser wrote:
> Oh great developers of WingIDE please please put this feature into
> the next version!

I would trade several of my unborn children for this.

1. user hits dumb bug
2. user fixes dumb bug in source
3. User runs "Recompile method" from context menu in editor window
4. Wing's super-genius-code eval/compiles the source of said method and 
attaches it to the live class
5. user pops up the call stack
6. user continues debugging with shiny new method

I recognize this won't catch outstanding references, might not work for 
module-level functions, may kill your dog, etc.

But it'd be totally awesome.

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