[wingide-users] Feature Request: Fix and Continue

Karl Goiser kg at goiser.com
Tue Mar 27 19:07:11 MDT 2007


I use and love WingIDE.  I think the guys have done a great job and  
use every opportunity to tell people about it.

However... in a past life, I programmed in Smalltalk (don't hold that  
against me!), and when comparing it against WingIDE, the biggest  
missing feature is Smalltalk's ability to re-compile and restart a  
method.  What this means is that you can start an application, get an  
error in a method, correct it and continue execution from the  
beginning of that method - not from the beginning of the whole  

For example, in Smalltalk, I was able to start up an application  
under development (consider a whole preamble of user names and  
passwords and navigating to a specific part of the application), and  
add and debug significant features without having to restart it - for  
days at a time!

Think about the increase in productivity that would provide!

Now, I understand and accept that all of this wouldn't be possible,  
but what about when you have a silly typo in a method which causes  
the program to fall over?  Wouldn't you rather fix it and press  
"debug" to continue execution rather than having to completely  
restart the whole program?

Oh great developers of WingIDE please please put this feature into  
the next version!



P.S. If Apple's Xcode can do "fix and continue" with Objective-C and  
C, surely it can be done in Python!

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