[wingide-users] Debugging stopped working

Morten Lied Johansen mortenlj at funcom.com
Tue Mar 27 09:12:27 MDT 2007

Wingware Support wrote:
> Morten Lied Johansen wrote:

> We've seen this more and more frequently caused by inability to write
> files to the user settings directory (location varies; given 5th item
> in the about box) or from failure to write to the temp directory
> (sometimes because it is full, with >65K files).  I'm not sure why
> this is becoming more common (a Windows update, some common add-on,
> or...?).
> If you send in a bug report from the help menu with the error log
> included, that may provide us with more info to work with.

I've sent in a bug report now, same summary as the subject of this mail.

Hope you can figure out what's going on.. I'll check my temp directory 
tomorrow and the user settings directory to see if I can find anything 
strange there.

Morten Lied Johansen
Machine-Independent:  Does Not Run On Any Existing Machine.

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