[wingide-users] Re: wingide-users Digest, Vol 35, Issue 14

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Fri Mar 23 14:13:47 MDT 2007

Mike Bernson wrote:
> It would be nice if i could type alt+tab or ctl+tab or something that 
> forced an indent. At this point del let do what i want.

This can be done via the Source menu -> Indentation -> Indent command. 
The keybinding should be displayed on the menu; it's ctrl-> (that's ctrl 
+ the greater-than sign) in a few of the keymaps.

> I have a style of coding and tools that help with things. The comment 
> starting in column 1 has meaning to me.  Telling me that there is 
> another way for me to handle that is not a good option. It changes what
> my tools do.

Yes, we should have options to support the style you use.  The current 
behavior is there to support comment blocks above a def / class / if 
statement; e.g.:

if a:
# description of the if test
if x:

I point this out to illustrate that there are reasons for the current 
behavior and not to say that your style shouldn't be supported.



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