[wingide-users] Re: wingide-users Digest, Vol 35, Issue 14

Mike Bernson mike at mlb.org
Fri Mar 23 13:25:26 MDT 2007

It would be nice if i could type alt+tab or ctl+tab or something that 
forced an indent. At this point del let do what i want.

I have a style of coding and tools that help with things. The comment 
starting in column 1 has meaning to me.  Telling me that there is 
another way for me to handle that is not a good option. It changes what
my tools do.

The goal of ide is to make things easy for me not figure out how to get
around the ide.

What I have to do now is type in the lines above the comments then move 
them to the correct place.

Wingware Support wrote:
> Mike Bernson wrote:
>> I then try tab for indent the next line correct place.
>> def name(foo):
>> # if this is here I can not indent the next line.
>>     if foo:
>>         print foo tree
> We do pretty much assume that comments will be indented rather than
> not.  For the above case, I'd strongly recommend using docstrings
> instead, and those have to be indented:
> def name(foo):
>     """this is the docstring, instead of a comment"""
>     if foo:
>         print foo tree
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