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Fri Mar 23 10:20:41 MDT 2007

Max Slimmer wrote:
> Not sure you have experienced the same problem I have, but there have been
> times when I can step into a module but can't set break points.  I think the
> problem is that the module in question while in my path is not in the
> current directory, doing a chdir seems to remedy this one.

Do you have partial paths on your Python Path?  That's generally a bad
things for the debugger when combined with chdir() -- you get partial
paths in __file__ and the code objects and there's no way for Wing to
resolve those unless the current directory is correct.  It's best to
avoid this by using full paths in your Python Path and removing all
the generated *.pyc files so they get recreated with full paths the
next time you debug or run your code.


Stephan Deibel
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