[wingide-users] Resons not to use Wing

Brandon Cline blcline at Cox.net
Fri Mar 23 00:39:49 MDT 2007


My point wasn't specifically about Twisted or any multi-threaded app., 
just that when programs do unexpected things in Python it can be hard to 
tell where the debugger got lost.  Twisted does startup another process, 
depending on how it is configured I imagine, and I don't really expect 
Wing to be able to handle that, that was more of an annoyance on my end 
because I prefer to use the debugger when it is convient, and I spent a 
year programming stuff for a Twisted server and had to go without it.  
(Note: Twisted can/does make use of threaded code sometimes, just the 
main Reactor/Loop is not inherently multi-threaded)

Are you saying that Wing can easily debug a multi-threaded Python 
application though? 

I haven't had much luck at it, but it may have been a separate issue 
like trying to debug into a C module or something.  I just know that for 
some Python stuff the debugger gets lost and can't really trace through 
certain pieces of code correctly.  It is still the best python debugger 
in an IDE that I know of, I just hate to have to resort to using 
pdb.set_trace() calls sometimes.


Stephan Deibel wrote:
> Brandon Cline wrote:
>> A great improvement in this area would be better handling of 
>> breakpoints in relation to multi-threaded beasts and such.  
>> Unfortunately my last job was using twisted heavily and I could never 
>> get a reliable way to debug through the whole defered/tac file 
>> startup (there may be a way it's just not obvious).
> Twisted isn't multithreaded -- what you ran into is probably that it
> starts another process at startup and that breaks the debugger since the
> second process is run without debug.  I'm just guessing tho without
> knowing much about Twisted.
> The only real solution for this is either to use wingdbstub to debug
> the second process or to set things up so that no subprocess is started.
> - Stephan

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