[wingide-users] PyLint Integration Script 1.1

Harper, Jason jharper at qualcomm.com
Thu Mar 22 17:42:47 MDT 2007


Thanks for the suggestion...I tried this and it shows that the
PYTHONPATH is empty.

I do not set the PYTHONPATH in the project settings.  I set it in the
environment before launching Wing.  If I comment out this line of code,

env['PYTHONPATH'] = project.GetEffectiveValue(project.attribs.kPyPath,

the correct PYTHONPATH is printed to the Messages window.
Unfortunately, the results are the same...PyLint Error output...unable
to import a bunch of stuff that appears to be set up properly in the

So...either I'm not seeing something obvious or ExecuteCommandLine isn't
pushing the environment through to PyLint.

BTW, this is on WinXP.

Thanks again,

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Harper, Jason wrote:
> Darn... I had high hopes that this would solve my issues with PyLint
> integration, but it did not.  
> I can debug from within Wing and I can use PyLint outside of Wing,
> with the same PYTHONPATH.  Unfortunately, when I use Pylint inside of
> Wing it (PyLint) gives me a bunch of import errors.  So...I'm
> unfortunately still missing something.

You might want to put in a print in the script to print 
env['PYTHONPATH'] just before ExecuteCommandLine is called
to see if it's what you're expecting.

In general you can compare environment with what you see if
you set a breakpoint on the first line of your code and look
around with the Debug Probe.  It may be you also need something
else set other than PYTHONPATH.

The prints come out in the Scripts channel of the Messages tool in Wing
and if you edit it with Wing, it should auto-reload the script and
panel when you save to disk.

Hope that helps.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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