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Thu Mar 22 16:36:08 MDT 2007

Michael Foord wrote:
> #1.   The 'tab' problem. You press tab and it *doesn't indent*. This is 
> very frustrating. Smart indent has decided that this is where the cursor 
> should be, and when you press tab - you can't *possibly* want it to 
> move, it knows best.

In addition to the preferences in the Editor / Indentation section see
also the User Interface / Keyboard / Tab Key Action preference.

It may be that we want more options for the latter, of course.  I think
I'd personally like the default mode to indent one more level if already
at "correct" indent level.  Toggling then between N and N+1 (or even N,
N+1, and N-1) levels might be reasonable (tho I'm thinking mainly of
the case of selecting a whole block and using Tab; the option to just
insert tab when within or after the line is also reasonable though
not all people would want that.

The bottom line is there are a lot of different conflicting expectations
for the tab key, we can probably do better by default, and we probably
still will need to offer various different options for what it does.

> #3.  It is hard to open new files from the keyboard. This is really the 
> excellent 'shift-ctrl-r' feature that eclipse has that I have mentioned 
> before. It makes it much easier to open new files from the keyboard.

We know about this feature and it's been requested a fair amount so
it's fairly high priority (to clarify for others:  It's a way to open
from the project files quickly w/o worrying about where the file is
really located).  I would like this myself as soon as possible! ;-)

Most of what you mentioned is fairly high priority since all of these
do factor into initial impression.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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