[wingide-users] More Griping :-)

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Thu Mar 22 16:10:29 MDT 2007

Pete wrote:
> On Thursday March 22 2007 4:23 pm, Michael Foord wrote:
>> #Y.   There is no drop down list of all the open files from the editor
>> sub-window. You have to go to the 'Windows' menu item. I believe you
>> have said that this is a feature that you are adding soon.
> If you right click on the tab bar, I think you can hide it.  This'll give you 
> a list of open files in a drop down to the left of the class & method lists.
Yes - but you can't have both. Usually we want the tabs to just switch 
between files - but if you a lot open (which we often do) then you want 
ultra-quick access to the full list.


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