[wingide-users] Resons not to use Wing

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Thu Mar 22 16:09:03 MDT 2007

Pete wrote:
> On Thursday March 22 2007 3:50 pm, Michael Foord wrote:
>> #3.  It is hard to open new files from the keyboard. This is really the
>> excellent 'shift-ctrl-r' feature that eclipse has that I have mentioned
>> before. It makes it much easier to open new files from the keyboard.
> Try ctrl-k.  You'll get a fast open bar at the bottom with path completion.  
> Never use ctrl-o again!
Except you have to type the full path. Eclipse allows you to type part 
of a filename (including '*') and presents you with a list of project 
files that match. This is *extremely* useful and would be a great 
addition to Wing.


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