[wingide-users] More Griping :-)

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Thu Mar 22 15:54:25 MDT 2007

Harper, Jason wrote:
> Michael,
> #X was confusing to me at first as well.  Wing has a notion of
> "Transient Windows".  There is a preference setting under
> Editor->Advanced that controls the number allowed to be open at one time
> (Transient Threshold).  I have increased this number to some obscene
> maximum (e.g. 100) to get the behavior that I expect (files stay open
> when I open them and don't magically disappear).  :-)

Ahh... thanks. That is likely to be it.


> Regards,
> Jason
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> Hello all,
> By the way, a couple of things I missed of my list of gripes in my 
> previous emails :
> #X.   Occasionally Wing closes files when we are editing multiple ones. 
> I haven't been able to work out what triggers this, so I haven't 
> reported it before.
> #Y.   There is no drop down list of all the open files from the editor 
> sub-window. You have to go to the 'Windows' menu item. I believe you 
> have said that this is a feature that you are adding soon.
> Sorry for these, but they are both issues that came up today when 
> working with my colleague today.
> By the way, about the 'execute script to console', I realise that I have
> mentioned it before. In the past it has seemed like you (the Wing 
> developers) feel like it is a low priority and that tying the 'execute' 
> functionality heavily to the debugger is the best approach.
> *However*, a substantial proportion of Python developers I know simply 
> never (or rarely) use debuggers.
> Most other text editors and IDEs I use / have used provide 'launch with 
> external tool' support, and allow the piping of the output back into a 
> window (plus support for killing the process). A lot allow then double 
> clicking on parts of tracebacks to jump to the error line.
> These are always features I have found invaluable and having to hack our
> way through the Wing API to provide *some* of these features is painful.
> SPE for example, provides a multiplicity of ways of executing scripts 
> being edited - to an external console window (with or without pause 
> after executing) and into an editor window. (Even Textpad does well on 
> this score - possibly one reason why my boss won't switch to a 'real'
> IDE.)
> Conceptually these *feel* like they ought to be *easier* to implement 
> than execution through your debugger, although I realise that life is 
> never that easy.
> Wing has some excellent features (the autocomplete is second to none). 
> Can I put a plea in for enhanced support for executing scripts.
> All the best,
> Michael Foord
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