[wingide-users] More Griping :-)

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Thu Mar 22 15:23:55 MDT 2007

Hello all,

By the way, a couple of things I missed of my list of gripes in my 
previous emails :

#X.   Occasionally Wing closes files when we are editing multiple ones. 
I haven't been able to work out what triggers this, so I haven't 
reported it before.

#Y.   There is no drop down list of all the open files from the editor 
sub-window. You have to go to the 'Windows' menu item. I believe you 
have said that this is a feature that you are adding soon.

Sorry for these, but they are both issues that came up today when 
working with my colleague today.

By the way, about the 'execute script to console', I realise that I have 
mentioned it before. In the past it has seemed like you (the Wing 
developers) feel like it is a low priority and that tying the 'execute' 
functionality heavily to the debugger is the best approach.

*However*, a substantial proportion of Python developers I know simply 
never (or rarely) use debuggers.

Most other text editors and IDEs I use / have used provide 'launch with 
external tool' support, and allow the piping of the output back into a 
window (plus support for killing the process). A lot allow then double 
clicking on parts of tracebacks to jump to the error line.

These are always features I have found invaluable and having to hack our 
way through the Wing API to provide *some* of these features is painful. 
SPE for example, provides a multiplicity of ways of executing scripts 
being edited - to an external console window (with or without pause 
after executing) and into an editor window. (Even Textpad does well on 
this score - possibly one reason why my boss won't switch to a 'real' IDE.)

Conceptually these *feel* like they ought to be *easier* to implement 
than execution through your debugger, although I realise that life is 
never that easy.

Wing has some excellent features (the autocomplete is second to none). 
Can I put a plea in for enhanced support for executing scripts.

All the best,

Michael Foord

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