[wingide-users] Vi mode: paste position needs some thought

Michael Hipp Michael at Hipp.com
Fri Mar 16 08:45:13 MDT 2007

In vi when you do 'p' for paste it says it pastes if *after* the current 
cursor position. No prob. Wing does the same but problem is that Wing uses a 
vertical bar that parks *between* characters while vi uses a block cursor that 
sits *on* the character. So, in Wing, when we do 'p' it really ought to do the 
paste *at* the cursor position, else it seems to always put it at the wrong place.

Example in Wing, screen looks like this:


The | represents the cursor position. If you hit 'p' to paste whatever is in 
the buffer, it ends up looking like this:


It appears to have "missed" by one character to the right. Fairly drives me crazy.

As I don't really want to regress to using a block cursor, is there some way 
we could adjust this behavior of the vi personality in Wing?


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