[wingide-users] mouse pointer is yellow on white background on Mac OS X?

T. Kim Nguyen nguyen at uwosh.edu
Fri Mar 9 21:47:21 MST 2007

Hi - I've got what I am quite sure is a vanilla install of the Apple  
X11 server on Mac OS X 10.4.8, and I'm using WingIDE 2.1.4.  When my  
mouse is over the main code pane and the Search results pane the  
cursor changes to a yellow capital-i-shaped pointer, whereas it is a  
black arrow everywhere else on the window.  It's very difficult to  
see such a yellow pointer on the default white text background.  Is  
there a way to control what colour it switches to?  The Colors  
preferences don't seem to cover this, and I looked in the online  
documentation but found nothing specific to this.  Thanks!

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