[wingide-users] alt-3 / # keyboard problem

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Mar 5 09:20:23 MST 2007

Ewan Klein wrote:
> I tried your suggestion, but unchecking the "use the system keyboard 
> layout"  preference in the  X11.app doesn't help in Wing IDE (i.e. the 
> combination alt-3 produces no output), and also prevents me from being 
> able to get '#' in an xterm. 

Could you send us the output of xmodmap after running Wing with the use 
system keyboard X11.app pref off and the UK keyboard in use?  Could you 
also send ~/.wingide2/error-log ?  These should be sent to support at 
wingware rather than to the list.  One possibility is you have the Wing 
  preference to fix the tiger option key bug disabled.  We'll be able to 
tell from the error-log.

> On the other hand, I found that I keep the 
> "use the system keyboard layout"  preference checked and also select the 
> US locale option from the Apple Input menu, then hitting the '£' symbol 
> on my keyboard (i.e. shift-3) does allow me to get '#' in the Wing IDE 
> editor.

What you've done is select the US keyboard for Wing and Wing only, but 
all option / international keys won't work because X11.app overwrites 
Wing's changes to the X11 keyboard setup.



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