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Sat Mar 3 08:42:30 MST 2007

kib2 wrote:
> I wonder if we can insert code snippets by small abbreviations. 
> Currently, I just saw typical keyboard shortcuts, like i.e  : "Ctrl + 
> ." for "self."
> Typing i.e ".+<Tab>" for the same result will be more explicit for me 
> (like in TextMate, Intype, eTextEditor,...), is it possible to do so 
> with Wing ?
> (Sorry, I haven't got the time to read the doc till the end now).


You can use key sequences for key bindings (the emacs personality makes 
use of that) but something like . followed by tab would conflict
with normal editing unless maybe if you're using vi mode?  In any case, 
you can assign a multiple key binding like that by just pressing
the keys in the Assign Key Binding feature for the Templates tool.  If 
you are using vi mode, it's trickier and possibly partially broken since
our key binding assignment widget doesn't handle adding the Insert-, 
Browse-, Visual- and other vi specific modifiers.  You can still
assign bindings, but would need to actually edit a keymap file by handle.


Stephan Deibel
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