[wingide-users] the shell window - question about history use

Michael Hannemann mrh3 at pobox.com
Fri Mar 2 09:52:47 MST 2007

Martijn Peters wrote:
>On 1. mar. 2007, at 18.26, Michael Hannemann wrote:
>>I'm trying out WingIDE on a new project, and so far, I like it a 
>>lot. There's something that puzzles me, though, about the 
>>interactive shell.  When you move up through the history, why 
>>doesn't it give you the entire evaluated chunk, instead of a single 
>>line at a time?
>That's the default behaviour in all python shells.

When you're running Python straight from your command line (bash, 
Windows, what have you), that makes sense, since you can rely on the 
shell's history and don't have to do anything special to make it all 
work.  However, I would have expected all custom shells, from IDLE on 
up, to return the entire evaluated text.


Actually, testing it, IDLE (in Python 2.4) _does_ give you the entire 
chunk.  That's more like what I would've expected.


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