[wingide-users] alt-3 / # keyboard problem

Ewan Klein ewan at inf.ed.ac.uk
Fri Mar 2 08:59:34 MST 2007


I'm trying out Wing IDE Professional 2.1.4-2 on MacOS 10.4.8 (and  
Apple X11 1.1.3), and generally very happy with it. However, I've hit  
the same keyboard problem as was reported in a post to this list way  
back in 2003:

> > How do I put in a #? It's alt-3 outside of X11, I obviously think  
> this
> > is a X11 issue. I've been using the Ctrl-Slash but I'm more  
> comfortable
> > with alt-3.
> Do you mean the character '#' or a number?  Either works just with  
> plain
> keys on a US keyboard... and I see '#' also on the German keyboard I
> have here but perhaps it's missing from yours?  If so, I think this is
> a X11 issue though if you find you can enter it in other apps but not
> Wing then of course it's a bug on our part.

I have an Apple UK keyboard, and also have to use alt-3 to get a '#'  
symbol. This works fine in an xterm, but not in the Wing IDE editor  
window. I'm using the OSX personality in the keyboard preferences.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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