[wingide-users] Setting default python

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Thu Mar 1 09:53:26 MST 2007

On Feb 28, 2007, at 6:41 PM, Mikeal Rogers wrote:
> I can't seem to find anything in the docs or pref panels where I  
> can reset the default python wing uses.
> I can figure out how to set it for a project, but what I really  
> need is to set a different default python.

There isn't a way to set this through Wing's GUI but there is a  
hidden preference you can use.
  To use that, add a line like this to your preferences file (in your  
User Settings Dir, which is
listed 5th in the About box):


Do this when Wing is not running so the file doesn't get overwritten  
without the value.  Once it's in there,
Wing will keep it even if you use the prefs gui to alter prefs.

Hope that helps.


Stephan Deibel
Advancing Software Development


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