[wingide-users] Compiled pyton in windows

Wyant, Jaime jwyant at sfbcic.com
Tue Jun 26 15:51:27 MDT 2007

Tarballs (err the files created by tar) are `archives'.  You specify a
compression (I use j for bzip2).  So you can create a tar like so...

# Notice my mrdfs directory contains both .py & .pyc files.
[jwyant at l-jwyant:tmp]$ ls mrdfs/*.py*
mrdfs/mrdf.py    mrdfs/mrdf2.py         mrdfs/prcmrdf.py*
mrdfs/mrdf.pyc*  mrdfs/nameandpages.py  mrdfs/zipaddr.py

# Notice that the .pyc files do not get added to the tarball.
# output file - mrdfs.tar.bz2, directory to archive = mrdfs
[jwyant at l-jwyant:tmp]$ tar --exclude='*.pyc' -cjvf mrdfs.tar.bz2 mrdfs

# Now you can untar this on your linux box.
tar xjf mrdfs.tar.bz2


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> > cygwin does include tar.  I'm not sure if it's a standard part of
> > installation, but it's in there somewhere if it is not.
> Ok, that's easy enough.
> > You could even get fancy and write a bash script to tarball your
> > and upload them via ftp.
> Indeed. I could probably even gzip them along the way.
> Thanks!
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