[wingide-users] Debugging zope with wing3

Dominic Hiles Dominic.Hiles at bristol.ac.uk
Fri Jun 15 08:32:53 MDT 2007

Dear Stephan,

--On 15 June 2007 10:28 -0400 Wingware Support <support at wingware.com> wrote:

> Danny Bloemendaal wrote:
>> Ok, today I decided to give 3.0 a try. All looks nice but debugging zope
>> turned out to be virtually impossible. When I want to step through code
>> I end up in seemingly random places. So I step through some code, press
>> F6 and expect to end up on the next line but instead I jump to
>> completely different places after which I cannot see in the stack where
>> I am. I completely lose track. And the debugger seems to listen to all
>> ports which makes it hardly impossible to access zope outside the debug
>> process while debugging some other zope/plone code. And it makes
>> everything go sooo slowly.
> Yes, there are still some problems debugging Zope if you use WingDBG.
> You could debug it without WingDBG under Wing 3.0, and it may work
> reasonably in some cases if you also set the Stop All Threads option
> in Project Properties (under the Debug tab) to Stop One Thread.  However,
> it still could stop on a breakpoint in any thread so doesn't act quite
> the same as in Wing 2.1.  The Stop One Thread option causes Wing to stop
> only one thread at a time, but it still has its tracer in all of them
> and may be slow if there are a lot of threads.
> I'm not sure what the jumping around you saw was, unless threads were
> context switching as you stepped through the code.
> We're working on it... most likely the way to debug Zope will continue
> to be with WingDBG and we'll fix that to work on only one thread as
> before.

It would a shame if the new multi-threaded debugging support wasn't 
available by some means through WingDBG. I use Wing pretty much exclusively 
with Zope. It's a fantastic tool for debugging many problems as well as 
writing code. However, the only problems that it's failed on of late have 
been thread-related issues; I've resorted to pdb in these circumstances.

Unrelated, I'm seeing more frequent occurrences of Wing "hanging" at 100% 
CPU whilst debugging in Zope - it always returns, but there can be pauses 
of a minute or two between each breakpoint. I recall seeing some reference 
to problems when debugging objects with a C ExtensionClass as their base - 
I guess this may account for it, but was curious to know if there are any 
other known explanations (and whether other users find the same).



Dominic Hiles
Senior Technical Researcher
Internet Development Group
Institute for Learning and Research Technology
University of Bristol

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