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Brit Minor bminor at TNC.ORG
Fri Jun 15 08:13:58 MDT 2007

Joel Burton to the rescue!

"The Windows installer normally does some weird, annoying stuff to make
Windows easier for beginners to play with. This might be interfering.

1) Go to root-of-zope ZMI

2) Delete the access rule (... accessRule.py ...). Now, Plone runs like it
does under Linux/OSX (where
it runs on port 8080, and you connect on 8080, and there's nothing
different about port 80)

3) If the URL for your front page is
http://localhost:8080/default/front-page, then your WingIDE will always
the be **same** but with the different port--

Now that I've deleted accessRule.py from root of ZMI, debugging Zope/Plone
using Wing under Win XP works as expected.  Thank you, Joel!

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Thank you for all your help so far, by the way.

Yes, sorry, that exception is handled.  If I step out of __bobo_traverse__
at the breakpoint stack I sent you, this gets added to the stack:

	HTTPResponse.py, line 644, in notFoundError
	 "Sorry, the requested resource does not exist." +

and Wing posts a Debug Process Exception window.  In stack data at this
point, the relevant value appears to be

	entry = 'Plone\nGET'

If I close the exception window and step out from that point, Wing continues
to stop the process and post Debug Process Exception windows as it walks
back up the stack.  If I hit Debug rather than Step Out, control returns to
my browser.

I did try to access http://localhost:50080/Plone/default/front-page and also
http://localhost:50080/plone/default/front-page, neither of which behaved
any differently.  I've looked at most of the stack data at the time of the
exception and can't see anything tell-tale, although I'm not sure what to
look for.

As a sanity check, when I run a TCP/UDP port monitor while debugging, I see
a packet sent to port 50080 and I see packets sent to 50005, the Wing port.

I've restored the Plone and Zope ports to their defaults of 80 and 8080,
respectively, with no affect on the problem.  What can I try next?


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On 13. jun. 2007, at 21.50, Martijn Pieters wrote:
> On 13. jun. 2007, at 21.41, Brit Minor wrote:
>> I've attached an image of the call stack.
> That's a plain Not Found error.

Wait a second. The *other* option is that this is just an exception
that's handled further up the stack. Wing doesn't always detect this
correctly. Did you try to ignore the exception and continue? What
happens when you let the request finish?

Martijn Pieters

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