[wingide-users] Wing doesn't stop python anymore

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Fri Jun 8 15:38:20 MDT 2007

Pete wrote:
> Dunno about Windows, but under Unix user A can't send signals to user B's 
> processes, so that sounds impossible unless wing is running as root.
> Is there any documentation about how Wing terminates debug processes?  I'd 
> like to try to write my signal handlers (for shutdown, mainly) in a 
> compatible way.

Currently when the stop menu item / button is used on non-win32 systems, 
Wing sends a SIGTERM and then a SIGKILL if the first signal doesn't 
work.  We're probably going to set things up so that it first tries to 
run os._exit(0) or equivalent in the process being debugged.  My 
thinking is that a debugger should try to terminate a process as quickly 
as possible and not to let shutdown handlers run since the process may 
be in an unknown state because of a bug.



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