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Mon Jun 4 11:25:18 MDT 2007

Arsham Shirvani wrote:
> Great work on wingide...
> How can I enable auto-complete for PyQt in wing?
> Is there any sources for downloading pi files?

I think PyQt3 works, but there are problems with PyQt4 because of changes
in how things are structured.

We've reworked how our extension module introspection works and support for
things like "from PyQt4.QtCore import *" when importing from extension modules
should work in our next release of Wing 3.0 (not sure when yet, but we'll try
to do that soon).  Note that this may not get fixed in 2.x given the complexity
of the changes involved.

Even with that change, scraping extension modules won't give as rich information
about the modules as if they were in Python.  For example, no information about
arg lists / names.  So using .pi files would still be as good idea, as we've
managed to get working  for pygtk.  Unfortunately, we don't have a similar script
for PyQt.  It may not be hard to create one, however, depending on how hard it
is to parse PyQt's interface definitions.  You may want to look at:


If you or someone else gets something working for PyQt4, please post it
here.  I'm sure there are others that would like to use it and the above
is open source can be used as a starting point if you wish.


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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