[wingide-users] Printing search results

David Montgomery davidlmontgomery at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 14:50:54 MDT 2007

> I've recently had to do extensive work in tracking down usage of various
> functions and checking that they are used correctly in correct contexts.
> What I found useful was to search for the function-name, and then go to
> each instance found and check it.
> [...]
> If anyone has a nice way of doing this that doesn't involve the printer,
> and doesn't involve not doing any more searches, I'd appreciate any
> suggestions. :)

Not particulary nice, but perhaps an improvement:

- As you check each occurrence of the string, replace the string with
something that no longer matches the search query.

- I believe Wing will then automatically update the search results to
exclude that item, "checking off" that occurrence.  (At least in 2.1 I've
sometimes noticed that the results seem to be "live", updated as
you change things.)

- After you've gone through all of the matches, globally change the
replacement strings back to the original value.


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