[wingide-users] Printing search results

Morten Lied Johansen mortenlj at funcom.com
Fri Jun 1 04:50:11 MDT 2007

I've recently had to do extensive work in tracking down usage of various 
functions and checking that they are used correctly in correct contexts. 
What I found useful was to search for the function-name, and then go to 
each instance found and check it.

One thing that would make it even better though, would be if I could 
print the search results, so that I could check them off one by one as I 
finished checking them, but I could find no way to do this in WingIDE 
3.0a2? (I haven't tried in 2.1.x)

Is it possible? Alternatively, being able to copy and paste to another 
file which could then be printed, but I can't do that either it seems.

If anyone has a nice way of doing this that doesn't involve the printer, 
and doesn't involve not doing any more searches, I'd appreciate any 
suggestions. :)

Morten Lied Johansen
Cynicism: The idea that man acts selfishly.
Buzhism: The idea that idiocy is just as big a factor.

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