[wingide-users] wing pylint integration

Pete pfein at pobox.com
Fri Jul 20 08:48:12 MDT 2007

On Friday July 20 2007 9:20 am, Wingware Support wrote:
> David Yoakley wrote:
> >  I've see a bunch of posts referencing a "pylintpanel.py" integration
> > script but it looks like its been scraped off the posts. Can someone
> > send me that baby or tell me where to download it?
> I've added it to this page:
> http://wingware.com/downloads/wingide/2.1.4/contrib
> Note that Wing 3.0 includes a version of the script in the 'scripts'
> directory, but it's disabled by default to avoid problems when pylint
> is missing or an unsupported version.

Is it possible to add a hotkey/toolbar button to run the pylint plugin?  I use 
it quite a lot, and the required steps:

1. raise panel
2. click pylint tab
3. right click
4. select 'update'

are about 3 steps too many.

I'm currently using 2.1.

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