[wingide-users] Class and method menu

Tom Stambaugh tms at zeetix.com
Mon Jul 16 07:47:57 MDT 2007

My preference is for a full-blown class tree browser, such as those provided 
by Smalltalk and VisualAge/Java.

Often, method f of Class C only makes sense when viewed in the context of, 
for example, methods d and e of Class B, the superclass of C. These, in 
turn, often only make sense when viewed in the context of class object.

This is particularly true for the common case of methods that use super 
(such as in the template-method pattern), and even more so for those of who 
are in the habit of insisting and relying upon the use of the Liskoff 
substitution principle.

Tom S.

> Luc Bourhis wrote:
>> If one wishes to go to method f of class C, one has to first select C in 
>> the class menu and then f in the method menu. After using on a more 
>> regular basis the XCode IDE, I fell in love with its providing only one 
>> menu looking like:
> Yes, one menu probably would be better.
> Thanks for the suggestion,
> John
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