[wingide-users] Word completion and refactoring support

Geoff Bache geoff.bache at jeppesen.com
Thu Jul 5 01:29:58 MDT 2007

Martijn Pieters wrote:
> On 4. jul. 2007, at 15.28, Geoff Bache wrote:
>> That's where logging comes in. I can do no more than repeat the 
>> oft-quoted Kernighan and Pike. Put the last line of this quote into 
>> Google and you'll find Kernighan, Pike and I are not alone in these 
>> views :)
> Unfortunately, this only works if you control all of the code. When 
> working with large frameworks and integration projects this most 
> likely is not the case.
I disagree. All you need from your own system logs is to document the 
interaction with third party software, not what that software does in 
detail. If the bug
appears to be there then you don't need to track it all the way to the 
line of code: you just need enough to be able to submit a bug report to 
the people who are
responsible for it. They can then debug their code as they see fit.


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