[wingide-users] Another Feature Request

Vania Smrkovski vania at pandorasdream.com
Wed Jan 31 10:29:22 MST 2007

   One of the features I like in my Visual Studio IDE (for my day job, see?)
   the ability to define regions to wrap a collection of properties,
   and methods together.
   It would be nice if, in Wing, we had the ability to highlight a series of
   lines and select from a contect menu to surround these lines with a
   This would simply be a commented line at the beginning and end that says
   something along the lines of "### Region " Enter Region Name " and
   The biggest reason this is useful is the ability to collaps.  So if you
   added the ability to collapse anything wrapped by ### Region and ### End
   Region, well, you get my drift, I think.
   Vania Smrkovski
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