[wingide-users] SQL autocompletion via wing script

Bruno C. bruno.c at inwind.it
Wed Jan 31 05:08:55 MST 2007

I would write a script to build a sort of autocompletion for SQL queries.
It would work in the following way:
It should look through all the string of the files in the Project and identify the ones who could be SQL queries.

Based on the infos available in the CREATE queries string,
it would acquire the knowledge about the DB tables structure.

The table structures would then be used to help the user to write SELECT and other queries ... based on the tables needed in those queries the corresponding columns could be made availables to the user.
I don't have yet any idea about the GI
I could be smthing like, via keyboard activation, that make available an autocompletion with "SELECT/INSERT/DELETE",
then prompt for the tables (maybe with a join interface too) and based on the tables selected, prompt for the concerned columns  and once selected print the query at the cursor position

... But I don't know where to start  from for what concerns the wingapi ... I don't even manage to open a popup menu:(

I just manage to use wingapi.gApplication.ShowMessageDialog

It woud be a good start if someone could provide me a code to open a popupmenu that looks like the autocompletion one ...
and another one to read all documents of the project


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