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Mon Jan 29 15:53:18 MST 2007

Of course, this begs the question, can you have both a Windows style path,
and, a cygwin (UNIX style) path reside together in the Pythonpath variable.
This would, I assume, allow me to use different "file systems" on my XP
machine and use the import command on other files in other, standard
windows, directories.

Jim Roberts

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If you're trying to use things located in the cygwin file system, it may be
that the confusion is about where those get mapped to for Windows.
Normally, Wing will expect the Windows paths, as you seem to be attempting
to use.  However, if you've set your Python Executable to your cygwin Python
(rather than regular Windows installer'ed Python), you _may_ need to use the
cygwin path instead -- /home/myuser instead of c:\cygwin\home\myuser.

Hope that helps.

Stephan Deibel

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