[wingide-users] Debugger mystery! & Deleting Projects

SirJSR sirjsr at gmail.com
Sat Jan 27 06:23:10 MST 2007

I just bought Wing, and I tried debugging a simple script that I wrote.  For
some reason, there are references to a file which I have no idea of, a file
that becomes entangled in my debugging session.  Here's a line from the
"Failed to open document 'securechannel.py
I created a fresh project, put my program source into the project, and when
I run the script, everything works, but as I say, this other file somehow is
insinuating itself into my debug session.
One further question:  How does one simply delete or remove a project?  I
looked around, and I couldn't see a reference on how to do this.  Is it just
a matter of simply deleting the ".wpr" file and the other files associated
with the project?
Thanks, Jim
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