[wingide-users] debugging in code

johnf jfabiani at yolo.com
Thu Jan 18 11:05:14 MST 2007

In the visual foxpro world there is a way to invoke the debugger - "set step 
on".  You place the code "set step on" anywhere you want the debugger to open 
and to control the execution of code.  So I'm wondering if there is a way to 
do this with the wing debugger.

I ask this because I'm working with the Dabo Framework.  Dabo's creates a 
class/form dynamicly from a xml file.  So how can I place wing breakpoints 
within a dynamicly created form?  So far I have not figured out a way. 

To create the forms Dabo uses "ClassDesigner.py" to create the XML file.  The 
file can contain python code.  Therefore the reason for my question - I want 
to debug my forms.  Could I place something in the code segments 
ClassDesigner.py allows that would fire the wing debugger?

I'm thinking:
From wing start "main.py" - main will open the xml file
somewhere I place a "set step on"  in the xml
wing sees the "set stop on"  and fires the debugger.
John Fabiani

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