[wingide-users] Plotting under WingIDE debugger

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Wed Jan 17 08:43:43 MST 2007

Mark Jeffree wrote:
> I've tried several interactive and non-interactive backends and they 
> either throw an exception or open blank frames that don't update when I 
> expose them. My preference would be "wx", but I'll take anything that 
> works.

Are you having trouble when the debugger is paused or when it is 
running?  wx and other gui toolkits won't update windows or do anything 
else when the debugger is paused.

Also, Wing does sometimes stop on internal exceptions that are caught 
farther up the stack.  These can be ignored using the ignore exception 
checkbox in the exception tool.  See 
http://wingware.com/doc/debug/managing-exceptions for more information 
on how Wing handles exceptions.



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