[wingide-users] Execute to Window & Jump to Error Line

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Wed Jan 10 17:39:38 MST 2007

Michael Foord wrote:
> Wingware Support wrote:
>> I'll look at this more closely later, but do _not_ call into the wing 
>> api from a subthread.  I think you're doing this from the thread that 
>> runs popen, though I'm not entirely sure.  Wing is a single threaded 
>> app and you're getting lucky if calls from multiple threads seem to work.
> Ok. I wondered if it could be a threading issue. (We call ScrollToLine
> from within our thread.)

The ScrollToLine issue may or may not be due to threading, but doing 
anything (such as adding text to a buffer) is not thread safe.  If you 
want to use threads, don't call any wing api function from a thread 
other than the main one.  Or, maybe the call to schedule an idle 
function can be made to be thread-safe, but I'm not even sure of that at 
the moment.

You may want to look at how the cvs script handles subprocesses and use 
that approach instead.  I will look at your script later and try to 
suggest a better approach.  I just looked at your script briefly saw 
that it imported threading and thought this may be a problem.  Sorry 
that the wingapi is not documented as being not thread safe.



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