[wingide-users] Option to show files in project files before subfolders

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Tue Feb 27 09:52:00 MST 2007

We'll look at these for the next major release.



Hugh Gibson wrote:
>> Also, did you pick up the suggestion I made about the project path? 
>> It seems inconsistent to always show the project path as Wing doesn't 
>> show a full path anywhere else in the UI, and I never need to use it 
>> anyway. Move it to a tooltip, and then the Options drop down can be 
>> shown all the time.
> Another suggestion, vaguely related to this - I regularly have two instances of Wing open - one for our server, one for one of our clients. When selecting instances using alt+tab it shows the title as "Wing IDE: <current filename> (path)". Actually, as there are some shared files between the server and the clients (e.g. protocol definition), that's not particularly useful. What would be most useful would be to have the project name in the title: "Wing IDE: ServerSide" and "Wing IDE: Client" in our case (or even "Wing IDE: WebServer"). That would make it much easier to switch.
> Hugh

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