[wingide-users] Option to show files in project files before subfolders

Hugh Gibson hgibson at cix.co.uk
Tue Feb 27 00:52:00 MST 2007

> > For deep nesting, you may also want to try the "Flattened Tree" 
> > display option, selectable from the Options menu in the Projects 
> > tool.
> It took me a while to find that, as the project window was too narrow 
> to show it. Maybe you should omit the full path to the project in the 
> title of the project window, and show it in a tooltip. Then the 
> Options button would be available for narrow windows.
> Anyway, the flattened tree is better, thanks.

I installed 2.1.4-2 and there are still some problems with this.

If you selected "Flattened tree" then close and open the project, "Tree" is selected in the menu but the display is "Flattened tree".

Also, did you pick up the suggestion I made about the project path? It seems inconsistent to always show the project path as Wing doesn't show a full path anywhere else in the UI, and I never need to use it anyway. Move it to a tooltip, and then the Options drop down can be shown all the time.


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