[wingide-users] Project managing in WingIDE is completely broken

Vania Smrkovski vania at pandorasdream.com
Sat Feb 17 08:57:27 MST 2007


Personally, after looking at Eclipse and several other IDEs for Python, I
chose Wing because of two reasons:  1) the features overall were the best
fit for the way I do my development, although not all features were there,
and 2) because the developers were *very* responsive when I asked them to
address the occasional issue.  With Eclipse and the many other proprietary
and open source IDE projects, I never received the kind of support I got
with Wing.  They were great enough that I was willing to pay for the pro

No the product doesn't always have the features I would like, but I am more
than happy with what they have.

Thanks, WingNuts, for your great work.


On 2/16/07, Wingware Support <support at wingware.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> The project tool in Wing 2.x wasn't designed to be a file manager, which
> we've since learned that many people want it to be.  We will be adding
> more file management functions to future versions of Wing.  I know this
> doesn't answer your specific issues, but it might be useful to keep this
> in mind.
> > I cannot add new file to specific place in project tree. There is no
> > such option at all. Sorry, it is. But it works in strange way.
> > Clicking at any element of my tree project, and choosing "add file",
> > opens my WinXP dialog box which does not points to the place of my
> > project.
> Add File is a function to add an existing file to a project and should
> be starting in the folder that you right clicked on unless you've
> changed your Default Directory Policy preference.  You can also use Add
> New File from the project menu to specify a name for new file to be
> created and added to the project.
> > Buy it is not all. Even if I add a new file I have to pray
> > becauseWingIDE's project refreshing has been not working correctly for
> > all the time. Sometimes I can see all folders, sometimes - not. Even
> > worse.  Sometimes during this operation my other folder just
> > dissapeared from project!
> Could you submit a bug report from within Wing, using Submit Bug Report
> from the Help menu?  We'd like to fix the problem that you're running
> into.
> In summary, we are working on improving the project manager so it better
> detects file system changes and has more functions that act on the
> filesystem.
> > And last bot not least, another issue - Python console.
> >
> > Why WingIDE Pro, which has the best Python code completion I ever saw,
> > is using such dumb Python console?
> We are also working on improving the Python shell, with autocompletion
> and other features.
> Thank you for your feedback,
> John
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