[wingide-users] Feature request: word higlighter

Max Slimmer max at theslimmers.net
Fri Feb 16 18:19:19 MST 2007

If you do it make it optional, I hate this feature.


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> Eclipse and JEdit have very usefull feature. They can display 
> all places (in the file) where specific word/phrase appears. 
> JEdit is the most powerfull here because it can use even 
> regular expression. This is very cool. WingIDE could borrow 
> this feature.
> For those who would like to feel power of JEdit I have 
> prepared .edit folder with many good plugins inside. Just 
> download stable JEdit 4.2 from 
> http://jedit.org/index.php?page=download. Download compressed 
> .edit file from http://blog.zabiello.com/files/jedit4.2.tgz.
> Uncompress and put into ~/.jedit (for winxp: C:\Documents and 
> Settings\YourLogin\.jedit). It was prepared for powerfull 
> usage Ruby on Rails. It has very good code complition, better 
> than Komodo, because it displays RDoc comments in context. It 
> uses also snippets from Textmate and gighilght Haml 
> templates. I have a small article about 
> http://blog.zabiello.com/articles/2007/01/30/jedit-for_rails.
> Its is written in Polish but I can translate it into English 
> if it is necessary.
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