[wingide-users] Feature request: word higlighter

Jaroslaw Zabiello hipertracker at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 18:02:22 MST 2007

Eclipse and JEdit have very usefull feature. They can display all
places (in the file) where specific word/phrase appears. JEdit is the
most powerfull here because it can use even regular expression. This
is very cool. WingIDE could borrow this feature.

For those who would like to feel power of JEdit I have prepared .edit
folder with many good plugins inside. Just download stable JEdit 4.2
from http://jedit.org/index.php?page=download. Download compressed
.edit file from http://blog.zabiello.com/files/jedit4.2.tgz.
Uncompress and put into ~/.jedit (for winxp: C:\Documents and
Settings\YourLogin\.jedit). It was prepared for powerfull usage Ruby
on Rails. It has very good code complition, better than Komodo,
because it displays RDoc comments in context. It uses also snippets
from Textmate and gighilght Haml templates. I have a small article
about http://blog.zabiello.com/articles/2007/01/30/jedit-for_rails.
Its is written in Polish but I can translate it into English if it is

Jaroslaw Zabiello

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