[wingide-users] Project managing in WingIDE is completely broken

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Fri Feb 16 17:26:17 MST 2007


The project tool in Wing 2.x wasn't designed to be a file manager, which 
we've since learned that many people want it to be.  We will be adding 
more file management functions to future versions of Wing.  I know this 
doesn't answer your specific issues, but it might be useful to keep this 
in mind.

> I cannot add new file to specific place in project tree. There is no
> such option at all. Sorry, it is. But it works in strange way.
> Clicking at any element of my tree project, and choosing "add file",
> opens my WinXP dialog box which does not points to the place of my
> project.

Add File is a function to add an existing file to a project and should 
be starting in the folder that you right clicked on unless you've 
changed your Default Directory Policy preference.  You can also use Add 
New File from the project menu to specify a name for new file to be 
created and added to the project.

> Buy it is not all. Even if I add a new file I have to pray
> becauseWingIDE's project refreshing has been not working correctly for
> all the time. Sometimes I can see all folders, sometimes - not. Even
> worse.  Sometimes during this operation my other folder just
> dissapeared from project!

Could you submit a bug report from within Wing, using Submit Bug Report 
from the Help menu?  We'd like to fix the problem that you're running into.

In summary, we are working on improving the project manager so it better 
detects file system changes and has more functions that act on the 

> And last bot not least, another issue - Python console.
> Why WingIDE Pro, which has the best Python code completion I ever saw,
> is using such dumb Python console?

We are also working on improving the Python shell, with autocompletion 
and other features.

Thank you for your feedback,


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