[wingide-users] Project managing in WingIDE is completely broken

Jaroslaw Zabiello hipertracker at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 17:00:53 MST 2007

The way the latest WingIDE Pro manage project really pisses me off.

I cannot add new file to specific place in project tree. There is no
such option at all. Sorry, it is. But it works in strange way.
Clicking at any element of my tree project, and choosing "add file",
opens my WinXP dialog box which does not points to the place of my
project. I have to find folder. I have to use WinXP trick which
allowes me to create empty file from open file dialog. And after that
I can add new file. Its weird!

I cannot rename any files in project. Again. I have to go to outside
WingIDE to my OS to do it outside editor.

Buy it is not all. Even if I add a new file I have to pray
becauseWingIDE's project refreshing has been not working correctly for
all the time. Sometimes I can see all folders, sometimes - not. Even
worse.  Sometimes during this operation my other folder just
dissapeared from project!

Ech, guys. Go to Eclipse and learn its ergonomy, how to add, rename,
delete folder/file in project. I bought WingIDE Pro but I have no
patience to fight with its weird project managing. I have to use
Eclipse until these bugs will be fixed.

(BTW, Komodo IDE 4.0 works a bit better than WingIDE but not as good
as Eclipse. Komodo hase also strange behaviour with project managing)

And last bot not least, another issue - Python console.

Why WingIDE Pro, which has the best Python code completion I ever saw,
is using such dumb Python console? Even free editors like SPE or
PythonWin have console which has code completion. PythonWin can use
also all screen, not only one line, which is very usefull. Why WingIDE
is not using at least free IPython for console? IPython has nice
colour highlighting, code autocompletion and save s hitory to file (I
can use it even if I exit ipython console - this is convenient)

Jaroslaw Zabiello

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