[wingide-users] File Sorting and All Open Windows (Two Feature Requests)

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Thu Feb 15 09:49:06 MST 2007

Wingware Support wrote:
> Michael Foord wrote:
> [snip..]
>>>> It is common for us to work with a lot of files open. You can 
>>>> select an open file from the 'Window' menu - but it would be very 
>>>> useful to have a drop-down list of all open files somewhere on the 
>>>> main GUI. It breaks the flow to keep having to go to the menu.
>>> Disable the Preferences -> User Interface -> Show Editor Notebook 
>>> Tabs option and you'll get a drop-down list.
>> Thanks - but I use the tabs as well. *sigh*
> At first I thought you meant a tool pane with a list of open files, 
> which is something we plan to do.  But, do you want another drop-down 
> menu?  I guess I fail to see how this would be different from the 
> Window menu.

A tool pane (drop down list from the GUI - not another menu) is 
*exactly* what we want. Great.

> Cheers,
> John

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