[wingide-users] File Sorting and All Open Windows (Two Feature Requests)

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Thu Feb 15 09:29:30 MST 2007

Michael Foord wrote:
> It's not a problem that Windows Explorer is clever and other platforms 
> are dumb... Darn useful actually...

The question is how clever does it need to be to not fail at odd times. 
  If someone can come up with an easily explainable and implementable 
algorithm for this that doesn't appear to be opening up a can of worms 
or rather a stream of bug reports, we'll consider it.  What concerns me 
are the special cases -- it's easy to get the first 80%, but the next 
20% is often much harder.  Please contact us directly about this unless 
you feel the details are of general interest for the list.

>>> It is common for us to work with a lot of files open. You can select 
>>> an open file from the 'Window' menu - but it would be very useful to 
>>> have a drop-down list of all open files somewhere on the main GUI. It 
>>> breaks the flow to keep having to go to the menu.
>> Disable the Preferences -> User Interface -> Show Editor Notebook Tabs 
>> option and you'll get a drop-down list.
> Thanks - but I use the tabs as well. *sigh*

At first I thought you meant a tool pane with a list of open files, 
which is something we plan to do.  But, do you want another drop-down 
menu?  I guess I fail to see how this would be different from the Window 



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