[wingide-users] File Sorting and All Open Windows (Two Feature Requests)

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Thu Feb 15 09:01:18 MST 2007

Martijn Pieters wrote:
> On 15. feb. 2007, at 14.32, Michael Foord wrote:
>> Firstly, in our project we have a large number of files that use 
>> incremental numbering in the filename.
>> E.g. :
>> UserStory1Something.py
>> UserStory2SomethingElse.py
>> UserStory21SomethingElseEntirely.py
>> Windows explorer does clever magic so that these names are sorted 
>> numerically as well as alphabetically, but in the Wing project view 
>> the sort is only alphabetical - making it very difficult to find 
>> files by number.
> You can name these UserStory01Something and UserStory02Something (so 
> pad the numbers with 0's). That way you don't need to fix every tool 
> out there just because Windows Explorer is trying to be clever. You'll 
> find it easier to work with your files on other platforms this way 
> too. :)
It's not a problem that Windows Explorer is clever and other platforms 
are dumb... Darn useful actually...

Hmm... not sure if I can get away with renaming all these files.

> Note that trying to be clever about numbers in names may cause the 
> sorting order to be unexpectantly different for other users, 
> especially in a cross-platform tool like Wing. I personally say '-1' 
> to this request.
>> Secondly:
>> It is common for us to work with a lot of files open. You can select 
>> an open file from the 'Window' menu - but it would be very useful to 
>> have a drop-down list of all open files somewhere on the main GUI. It 
>> breaks the flow to keep having to go to the menu.
> Disable the Preferences -> User Interface -> Show Editor Notebook Tabs 
> option and you'll get a drop-down list.
Thanks - but I use the tabs as well. *sigh*

> Martijn Pieters

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