[wingide-users] File Sorting and All Open Windows (Two Feature Requests)

Martijn Pieters mj at zopatista.com
Thu Feb 15 07:26:09 MST 2007

On 15. feb. 2007, at 14.32, Michael Foord wrote:
> Firstly, in our project we have a large number of files that use  
> incremental numbering in the filename.
> E.g. :
> UserStory1Something.py
> UserStory2SomethingElse.py
> UserStory21SomethingElseEntirely.py
> Windows explorer does clever magic so that these names are sorted  
> numerically as well as alphabetically, but in the Wing project view  
> the sort is only alphabetical - making it very difficult to find  
> files by number.

You can name these UserStory01Something and UserStory02Something (so  
pad the numbers with 0's). That way you don't need to fix every tool  
out there just because Windows Explorer is trying to be clever.  
You'll find it easier to work with your files on other platforms this  
way too. :)

Note that trying to be clever about numbers in names may cause the  
sorting order to be unexpectantly different for other users,  
especially in a cross-platform tool like Wing. I personally say '-1'  
to this request.

> Secondly:
> It is common for us to work with a lot of files open. You can  
> select an open file from the 'Window' menu - but it would be very  
> useful to have a drop-down list of all open files somewhere on the  
> main GUI. It breaks the flow to keep having to go to the menu.

Disable the Preferences -> User Interface -> Show Editor Notebook  
Tabs option and you'll get a drop-down list.

Martijn Pieters

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