[wingide-users] import error ("no module named <bla>"), with Plone 2.1.1 on Mac OS X

T. Kim Nguyen nguyen+wingide-users at uwosh.edu
Thu Feb 8 09:23:40 MST 2007

Hi - I've been wrestling with the project properties to try to stop  
getting import errors when I debug Plone 2.1.1 on Mac OS X.

When I checked the box in Project Properties to add Zope/Plone  
support, I tried setting the Zope2 instance home to the ZOPE_HOME  
value given in my Zope control panel:

> Zope Version
> (Zope 2.7.8-final, python 2.3.5, darwin)
> Python Version
> 2.3.5 (#1, Oct 13 2005, 12:02:13) [GCC 3.3 20030304 (Apple  
> Computer, Inc. build 1666)]
> System Platform
> darwin
> /Applications/Plone2/Library/Software/Zope278/Zope/lib/python
> /Applications/Plone2/Library/Software/Zope278/Zope
> /Applications/Plone2/Sites/Default
> /Applications/Plone2/Sites/Default/var

When I click on Apply, WingIDE gives me this error dialog box:

> Some property warnings were encountered:
> - Zope2 installation directory could not be read from ZOPEINST/etc/ 
> zope.conf-- using '/Applications/Plone2/Library/Software/Zope278/Zope'
> - Zope2 instance directory '/Applications/Plone2/Library/Software/ 
> Zope278/Zope' missing expected 'Products' subdirectory
> - Zope2 home directory '/Applications/Plone2/Library/Software/ 
> Zope278/Zope' (obtained from etc/zope.conf in the Zope Instance)  
> appears invalid -- missing expected directories and files

I tried a few other values for Zope2 instance home.  The only one  
that did not result in this error dialog box is "/Applications/Plone2/ 
Sites/Default" (ie. the parent of my Plone "Products" directory)

However, once I start debugging, I get these import errors everywhere:

> ImportError: No module named CMFCore.utils

the offending lines being at the top of files that run fine within  
Zope/Plone as long as I'm not trying to use WingIDE debugging:

> from Products.CMFCore.utils import getToolByName

In the Project Properties, I had tried to leave the Python Path to  
"use default", but then have since tried this custom value

> /Applications/Plone2/Library/Software/Zope278/Zope/lib/python:/ 
> Applications/Plone2/Sites/Default:/Applications/Plone2/Sites/ 
> Default/Products

and several other variations of the same, but continue to get the  
import errors.

Help!  Any suggestions on what to set in the Project Properties would  
be greatly appreciated.


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