[wingide-users] Find File - Feature Request

Michael Foord fuzzyman at voidspace.org.uk
Thu Feb 8 07:00:10 MST 2007

Hello all,

It looks like my boss is about to splash out for three Wing licenses, so 
at last some of us will be using Wing at Resolver.

In the meantime I've been using Eclipse with the free PyDev. It has some 
really nice features, but also some annoying ones. The ease of scripting 
Wing is a big win for me at least.

One *really* nice feature of Wing is the shift-ctrl-R find file feature.

This brings up a dialog with a textbox. As you start typing a filename 
(not a path name) it fills the dialog with all the files from your 
project that match the name.

This is extremely useful as it is the quickest way of finding files. Not 
having to type the full path name is great.

Could you add this as a feature request please.

The eclipse extract method is also very intelligent (adding the correct 
arguments and return values). My trial has expired and I can't remember 
if Wing has an extract method tool, but I guess a lot of work has gone 
in to the Eclipse refactoring stuff.

Has anyone ever written any Wing scripts that use Bicycle Repair man ? 
There is an interesting series of blog entries on scripting Komodo that 
use BRM (including an extract method) and I'd love to see some of the 
examples ported to Wing.


If any of us at Resolver get time we might attempt this. :-)



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